Wine Tasting

Awaken your senses

Tasting a wine means subjecting it to our senses, especially taste
and smell, to determine its quality. It involves not only drinking
but enjoying the wine and discovering it through our senses.                 

Wine tasting is a perfect activity for lovers of this drink but it is also a perfect
opportunity for those who still do not know it or have not had the chance to appreciate it.
There is the possibility of different scenarios for tasting according to preference; in the cellar, in the hotel room or on a stage facing the sea.

This is a great activity for groups who are not keen in tiring, sport activities and will prefer something a bit more relaxed and cultural without loosing the fun! 

Info & Prices

When: afternoons

Where: in a cellar of the region. Can be organized somewhere different on request

For how long: usually for 45 min or 1 hour

How much: depending on  the number of participants

Note: let us know if you want to hire additional services such as transport, food, accommodation, etc.

Covid 19 warning: working to keep you safe! Ask us about regulations and rules.

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