Underneath the surface

Snorkel groups in the Mediterranean! The ideal activity for those groups looking for a different way
to relax. The spectacular Murcian coast is the perfect
setting for this sport because it combines beauty and abundance of
marine life. Its enchanting coves are protected from the
winds, offering crystal clear and calm waters, which facilitate
to observe the beautiful bottom of the ocean.

Meadows of Posidonia, banks of goldline fish, octopus,
cuttlefish and starfish are just some of the many species that
are observed every day in the waters of the Mediterranean.
Immerse yourself in the ocean and forget about the rush and
stress of everyday life.

Disconnection and relaxation are assured!

Snorkel groups Mediterranean
Snorkel groups Mediterranean

Info & Prices

When: recommended afternoons

Where: in the Mediterranean sea. Clear waters, tons of life and protected bays.

For how long: around 3 hours in total with 1.30 hour in the water.

How much: depending on the number of participants

Bring: swimsuits and towels.

Note: let us know if you want to personalize this experience or if you want to hire additiona, services such as transport, food, accommodation, etc. 

Covid 19 warning: working to keep you safe! Ask us about regulations and rules.

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