Strategy and adrenaline

Try paintball in Murcia! A perfect team building activity for any kind of group!

Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from hitting them with dye-filled balls
that break upon impact. These paintballs are shot using a low-energy air weapon powered by
compressed air.

Strategy, team work, adrenaline and fun are the great combination that makes paintball one of the leader activities in Team Building.
Different games available like “capture the flag”, “rescue the boss”, etc.

Paintball in Murcia is a very popular game for groups, itreinforce the group bonds and will create an unforgettable memorie! 

Paintball in Murcia
Paintball in Murcia

Info & Prices

When: mornings and afternoons

Where: outdoors in an area set up specifically for this activity

For how long: for as long as you wish

How much: depending on the games and the number of participants

Bring: comfortable and old clothes ready to get paint on them!

Note: let us know if you want to personalize this experience or if you want to hire additiona, services such as transport, food, accommodation, etc.

Covid 19 warning: working to keep you safe! Ask us about regulations and rules.

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