Scuba Diving

Discover a new world

Discover with your group a new world of colours and
sensations like you have never experienced before.
Diving is the perfect activity to encourage communication,
trust and support. It improves the resolutive abilities and the
bonds in the group.

Find a new outdoors hobby with your friends or your
colleagues and dare to explore the ocean!
Specialized in experiences for beginners, with theory
explanations that will later be put into practice in a safe,
protected environment with experienced professionals that will
make this experience an unforgettable day.


Info & Prices

When: mornings and afternoons

Where: in the Mediterranean sea. Clear waters  tons of life and protected bays.

For how long:  depending on the level, usually aroun 4 hours in total with 1 hour in the water.

How much: depending on the activity and the number of participants

Bring: swimsuits and towels.

Note: let us know if you want to personalize this experience or if you want to hire additiona, services such as transport, food, accommodation, etc. Also, let us know if your group are qualified divers… we can offer you different activities 

Covid 19 warning: working to keep you safe! Ask us about regulations and rules.

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